LiveSlot168 presents the most complete online gambling experience from the best providers and provides a freebet promo of IDR 16,000 without deposit. With the rapid development of technology, online gambling players only have to register one account and can play all the games on our site. The game presented by us can be ascertained fairplay so players do not have to worry anymore.

Our online betting agency already has an official license from the International online gambling union. For prospective members and members do not need to worry about playing here, because all member data can be ensured to be safe and will not be leaked to other sites.

LiveSlot168 Best Online Betting Sites Indonesia

  • Members are required to join a Facebook group: 
  • All members are required to claim through our Telegram group: 
  • Freebet bonuses starting from 09.00 to 18.00 are valid for each day.
  • The distribution of freebet bonuses is done every 18.00 until completion.
  • Freebet bonuses are only for new members.
  • Required to enter the Telegram LiveSlot168 group.
  • Members are required to use hashtags such as the following: #FreebetLiveslot168 #infoslotgacorhariini #polagacor #situsterpercaya #freebettanpadeposit
  • All new members are required to invite 10 friends to the LIVESLOT168 Telegram group and attach proof of invite 5 friends and share the evidence to the Facebook group comment field.
  • It is mandatory to inform the user id along with the screenshot id and then claim it into the Telegram group.
  • Required to share posts on a member’s homepage and required by a public set, members are required to have friends on Facebook of at least 300 people.
  • Members are required to share this event into 5 Facebook groups.
  • Members are required to register with valid Bank account data, and are not allowed to register using an E-wallet.
  • Userid begins with lowercase letters.
  • It is forbidden to use ip and account names that are already registered on our site.
  • It is forbidden to share into the LIVESLOT168 Official group.
  • All freebet terms and conditions are required to claim into our Facebook group using this link: 
  • If caught sharing in our official group then it is considered forfeited.
  • Freebet bonus only applies to pragmatic play providers, if the member is caught playing other games then the member’s balance will be forfeited.
  • The comments section in our group will close at 6pm.
  • If the member does not qualify as informed then it is considered dead.

Immediately register and enjoy the thrill of fun and profitable online betting here. Only with a minimum deposit can you enjoy all the games here and use 1 user id. The choice of varied transactions is very helpful for prospective members to register, deposit and withdraw transactions. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

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